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Future Developments

Where we offer an exciting glimpse into upcoming projects and developments in Southeast Idaho. As a forward-thinking real estate brokerage, we are constantly seeking new opportunities to shape the landscape of this dynamic region and provide you with innovative, sustainable, and thriving communities.


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Discover the epitome of modern comfort and convenience at Parkside, a captivating townhouse development nestled in the heart of Pocatello, Idaho. Boasting a harmonious blend of architectural elegance and contemporary design, Parkside offers a collection of thoughtfully crafted 2 and 3-bedroom townhomes that redefine urban living. Get ready to immerse yourself in a lifestyle where every day feels like a retreat.

Pocatello Creek Development


Whether you're seeking to build your dream house or embark on an investment journey, Pocatello Creek Development provides the foundation for your aspirations. With nature as your neighbor and endless possibilities at your fingertips, come be a part of a community that lets your dreams grow as naturally as the flowing creek itself. Your future starts here at Pocatello Creek Development – where the land becomes the canvas for your life's masterpiece.

Grow Your Vision

Ready to unlock the potential of your land or future development project? Let's work together to achieve your goals. Contact us today for a consultation and discover how Premier Properties can help you navigate the path to success.


Whether you're looking to sell your land at its optimal value or turn your development dreams into reality, we're here to make it happen. Your journey toward a prosperous future starts now.

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